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ORCHARD ON THE ALAMEDA  will deliver 22,100 square feet of retail space thoughtfully placed in nine stand alone buildings ranging in size from 850 to 6,300 square feet. Two of the buildings feature 1,000 to 1,200 second floor . The homes are accessed via individual driveways off a newly paved private road along the development’s northern border.
The ORCHARD is a differently styled shopping center with walkways, arcades and portals linking the separate retail outlets.  “We wanted to create a retail

  environment that was pedestrian friendly so people could stroll and shop in a relaxed manner,” says architect Richard Yates. “The ORCHARD will feel like a small village where people will want to come and spend time not just dash in and out. Having customers spend more time in the ORCHARD will benefit our retailers.”
The small village design is enhanced by a lush landscaping plan, which will include a significant number of trees,  even an orchard along Alameda Boulevard, and park-like areas.
Attracting consumers to the ORCHARD was a key part of Zydeco’s site selection. Nearly 40,000 vehicles will pass the center
  each day on Alameda Boulevard and will be able to easily access the ORCHARD from any of three entrance points. Ample free parking will be provided both above and below ground.
Site selection involved close cooperation with the County of Bernalillo and the surrounding neighborhood associations. “There is very little commercial development in this part of the North Valley, Albuquerque ” comments Yates. “We wanted to be sensitive to the residential neighborhoods and the County’s requirements and provide a project that would deliver value to both retailers and consumers. We took time to make sure all facets of the project balanced.” back

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